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Malibu Ski Boats

Already a boating industry veteran, Baxter Wareham had strong views and opinions about how boats should be built when he started Malibu Boats in 1976. He is still holding to those same opinions and values today, and as a result, Malibu Boats has maintained the highest working standards in the industry. The company takes pride in their products and the relationships they hold with their customers. Malibu's customers are very important to them, and they make sure to always take good care of them. One of the ways that they give superior customer satisfaction is their custom built boats. Each Malibu boat is built with a general layout, but you can pick and choose what parts and accessories you want, and where you want them. The customers are allowed to have a boat that is created and designed just for them, in the way that they prefer. A few of the features that they can change are the storage space, performance and speed, and how many seats are in the boat. 

Malibu Boats maintains their high standards for every single are of their boats. There is no spot or section of their boats that are not completely finished, and there is no available space that cannot be utilized for storage. The very same team that creates the boats' upholstery also build the bucket and sleeper seats, lounges, benches and the side panels. This team designs and creates the insides of Malibu's boats with a sense of pride in a job that is well done. The other areas of Malibu boats are made with just as much care as the insides. The professionals that build the hulls and the laminates know that a quality hull needs a good mold and the laminate to be able to cure inside the mold for a long time. The company always ensures quality cure time for their boats. Most boat builders only leave their hulls in the mold for less than a day, but Malibu leaves theirs in the mold for a minimum of four days. They hire the most meticulous builders to make their strong laminates. They make sure that each hull is not only coated with a thick layer of Maxguard gelcoat on the outside, but that they also apply a vinyl ester resin beneath the gelcoat. This process produces the stiffest, strongest laminate possible. 

Malibu has eight boat models available for sale. Whether you want a fishing boat, sport boat, or a cuddy for weekend getaways, Malibu has built the right one for you. All of their boats are hand crafted with care and the latest technology to ensure that Malibu boats are the best that they can be. The first Malibu boat model is the Tyee Classic Fisherman. This model is a serious fishing boat, with features like:

    • Spacious cockpit
    • High freeboard
    • Easy-access tackle and storage
    • Deluxe sleeper seats
    • Walk-through windshield

The next two models are the perfect family boats. The 182 and 185 Classic Cuddies are great for weekend trips, cruising, water-skiing, fishing and more. With enough room, for all your friends and family, these cuddies make fun cottage boats. A few of the features that come with these models are:

    • Spacious storage
    • Swim platforms
    • Fibreglass cockpit liner
    • Removable jump seats
    • Helm bucket seat with slider

Malibu's Sport Bowrider series offers more standard features than many other boats in its class. These small runabouts are available in both outboard and inboard/outboard versions, and they are built to meet Malibu's precise standards. The three models in this series are the 1700 Sport Bowrider, 1800 Sport Bowrider, and the 1900 Sport Bowrider. The Malibu Sport boats are luxury marine vehicles that are built from the most perfect molds that the company has to offer. These boats come with features such as:

    • Deluxe marine carpeting
    • Vacuum-formed dash
    • Built-in swim platform
    • Roomy storage
    • Lockable glove box

The last two models are the 2100 Sport Bowrider and Cuddy, and the 2200 Sport Cuddy. These eye-catching boats have astonishing hull stability and outstanding safety. With more choices than ever before, the sport cuddies come with amenities and features like:

    • Deluxe sleeper seats
    • Entertainment systems
    • Wraparound walk-through windshields
    • Cored hulls and decks
    • Swim ladders
Malibu Boats has a number of boat and part dealers located all over the country and all of them give their customers amazing choices about the style, look and construction of their boats. Malibu Boats and their dealers want to serve you in any way that they can. They allow their customers to have rights that most boating companies would not. Whatever your style preference may be, and whether you want a boat for fishing or water-skiing, or both, Malibu has the right boat for you, and they welcome your feedback and suggestions about how you, the customer, would like the boat to be built. 

Malibu Ski Boats

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